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Icelandic Wool

Warm durable Icelandic Wool is noted for its sheen and water resistance.

Skål for Cheers

From Old Norse Skålmeaning “bowl”.

From the feasts of yore in celebration of victory or good times the raising of a bowl of food or cup of wine in a gesture of goodwill and fellowship towards others. With a hearty shout of Old Norse “Skål” in raising glasses of wine while drinking, a Viking toast for good health.

The modern Anglo adaptation appeared in the 1590–1600’s as ‘skoal’, pronounced ‘skohl‘.

Gourmet and Dry Good Products

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Icelandic Sheep Fibre

Order your heritage wool and spin to your hearts content knowing you are using fibre from the very animal the Vikings did. Enjoy the historical warmth and romance from lore. Treat someone special to a forever cherished garment made from real Viking Wool.

Available Icelandic Sheep Fibre

  • Icelandic Sheep Raw Fleece
  • Rovings (fleece prepared for spinning)
  • Finished Wool
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